Women's Lingerie - Sexy Look Lingerie Sets

    Discover a world of seductive sophistication and bold style with Noir Handmade Australia's exclusive online collection of women's clothing.

    Indulge in Luxury with Our Women's Lingerie Collection

    The allure of femininity with Noir Handmade Australia's exclusive online selection of women's lingerie.

    Our meticulously crafted sets are designed for the empowered and irresistible woman, offering a range of styles from classic elegance to modern seduction. Celebrate every aspect of your femininity with lingerie that's as unique and captivating as you are.

    Luxurious and Sexy Lingerie:

    Experience the fantasy with our sexy lingerie offerings.

    Eco-leather and powerwetlook for a sleek fit; PVC and faux leather for captivating shine.

    All are designed with comfort and style to elevate your lingerie look.

    Eco-Chic Meets Erotic Elegance:

    Embrace sustainable luxury with our eco-leather lingerie range.

    Indulge in style with our guilt-free faux leather, designed for the conscious yet daring.

    Latex and Vinyl: The Apex of Allure:

    Dare to shine in our latex and vinyl lingerie.

    Each piece offers a high-gloss finish for those who desire to be the epitome of boldness.

    Shop the sale and embrace the exclusive luxury lingerie that Noir Handmade Australia is renowned for.

    Women Lingerie Featured Styles and Types

    Sassy Powerwetlook Overall:

    2-way crotch zipper for convenience.

    Long back zipper for easy wear.

    Flashy silver ring collar detail.

    Includes decorative crystal-adorned eco-leather leash.

    PVC Catsuit Overall:

    Bold 3-way metal zipper for versatile wear.

    Made with high-shine PVC for a statement look.

    Designed for those who want to stand out.

    Powerwetlook Gown Coat:

    Secured at the waist with a striking silver buckle.

    Features delicate lace inserts for a touch of elegance.

    Crafted for remarkable comfort and bold style.

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