It is desirable to hand wash your Noir garment with cool water using mild liquid detergents. You may also use washing machine but only with handwash/delicates and cold water settings chosen.

It is recommended to wash the garment before the first use to prevent dyes from bleeding.

Dry flat to retain the shape. Do not use tumble dryer.

You may iron the garment on the left side using cool iron setting.


Noir garments are made from elastic fabrics but please keep in mind that choosing the right size of the clothes will allow to avoid unnecessary overstretching and weakening the threads and your Noir garment will stay in perfect shape for a long time.

FRENCH ZIPPERS (hidden zippers) are used for aesthetic purpose in Noir garment. They are high quality zippers produced in EU although the specific feature of them is to be delicate and thin. Please keep that in mind and gently open and close the zippers. Please make sure that edges of fabric do not stuck into the zipper- that would might cause a hole in delicate fabrics such as lace or net.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride, soft PVC, jelly)

PVC is a synthetic material available in soft and firm form. By adding softening agents, its consistency can be easily adjusted. PVC is the right solution for the production of a great variety of products, such as bouncy balls, shower curtains, dildos or love dolls.

The main advantages:

  • Excellent elasticity and consistency
  • Resistance to alcohol and oil
  • Quickly adapts to body temperature

PU (-coating) (polyurethane)

The synthetically produced polyurethanes can be either hard and brittle, or smooth and elastic. In its foamed form it is also known as foam rubber. Polyurethane is a major ingredient of mattresses, soles (for shoes), textiles and (latex free) condoms. As a coating for ABS love toys, the PU coating offers the smooth and silky character.

The main advantages:

  • Odourless
  • Without softening agents (phthalates)
  • UV-resistance
  • Skin compatibility
  • Quickly adapts to body temperature